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DB1002b  US Hickory, 2b – Wood Tip
DB1002bn  US Hickory,  2bn – Nylon Tip Marching
DB1003s  US Hickory, 3s – Drum Corps Barrel Tip 
DB1005a  US Hickory,  5a – Wood Tip                    
DB1005an  US Hickory,  5an – Nylon Tip     
DB1005b  US Hickory,  5b – Wood Tip
DB1005bn  US Hickory,  5bn – Nylon Tip     
DB1005bx  US Hickory, 5bxl Extended Wood Tip
DB1007a  US Hickory,  7a – Wood Tip
DB1007an  US Hickory,  7an – Nylon Tip                
DB100KEY  2 Drum Keys with Leather Key Chain
DBSB01 Diamondback Stick Bag Rattlesnake Pattern
DBSB02 Diamondback Stick Bag Gator Pattern

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