DREAMER: A short history of the band: Dreamer was started by Scott Splawn, Steve Wright and Dal Haynes when we were in Jr. High. We are lifelong friends that simply wanted to make and play music.

PROGRESSION: We started as a Southern Rock Band and later changed into a Heavy Metal Band.

I have played drum for over 37 years and took many years off after leaving Dreamer in 1989. Our claim to fame was that one of our original songs made local radio play a few times (Our 15 min of fame).

After leaving the band, life took me and my wife to San Francisco where I planted an Inner City Church. I was a pastor in San Francisco for a little over 13 years. Both our children were born in California.

We moved back in 2006 to North Carolina and I pastored in Charlotte with three former NBA players for about five years. Next, I started Legacy Church and I pastor that body at present.

I have been restored to some of my childhood friends and our band Dreamer did a reunion concert in Bessemer City NC October of 2015. It was fun to reconnect. We had over 500 people show up to see the show. We were also able to share our faith in Christ with them.

Anyway, that lead to us deciding to put the band back together.