Diamondback Artists

Rob SChumacher

Rob Schumacher is a Professional Drummer for almost 20 years now. A mainstay in the “Deep Ellum” Dallas,Texas music scene for 15 of those years. He has played with several award-winning bands and Toured the US and across the pond to tour Europe. While in Dallas, Rob played drums for many groups with styles ranging from pop/rock/country and metal but most notably for the Texas horror punk pioneers known as Ghoultown. During his tenure with Ghoultown they have amassed over 500,000 downloads and have videos with over 11 million views.
Ghoultown was invited to write and perform a new theme song for iconic horror maven, Elvira. The star-studded tribute was recently released as the MISTRESS OF THE DARK ultra-single, with DVD of the music video starring Elvira herself.
Now living in Austin, Texas. Rob hasn’t skipped a beat, playing with Austin’s premier 80s Rock party band LC Rocks. Since joining the band, he plays constantly packing clubs and Venues, and they are very sought after for festivals across Texas and they even scored a trip to play a festival in Japan for the US troops and the locals. His newest endeavor is with Austin heavy hitters Roc Holiday, where they recorded 10 songs and just recently shot a music video to be aired in the coming weeks. Dividing time between performances and session work Rob has taught many students of different ages and skill levels independently and for School of Rock Dallas and Austin. Keep an eye on him in the future because big things are on the horizon and he doesn’t plan on slowing down

David Axel

David, who goes by Axel on stage, has been playing drums over 35 years. He has studied jazz, Latin, rock, funk and virtually every other style drumming, but enjoys playing any style of music that keeps the dance floor packed.

Axel currently plays in the popular party band Midnight Mayhem, a cover band that plays everything from Chubby Checker to Bruno Mars. If a song will make you want to hit the dance floor it’s on their set list.

Adam Plott

Adam Plott is a passionate drummer, currently residing in Easley, SC. His love affair with drums began at the young age of five and was encouraged by his father, Keith Plott, a professional Gospel singer, as well as his mentor Caleb King. His church upbringing was a perfect place to grow his talent, allowing him to play in multiple churches and bands through out the years. Adam has shared the stage with Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Tez Sherard, Steve Watson, Neal McJunkin, and Zach Myres of Shinedown. Current endorsements are with Punkinater Custom Drums and Zion Cymbals. His skills can be heard on the Corey Stevenson Band single, “Walk Away”. Adam is currently with Black River Rebels and JJ Woolbright & The Whiskey Road, of which the later will debut their self titled album January of 2018. ? “Diamondback Drumsticks are perfect! The grips are impeccable and are great for long sessions. They are the most durable sticks I have EVER used, and are the perfect weight!” ~Adam Plott

Are Wolfe

I am a female drummer for the band Born Crooked. My brother and I named our band after our handicap brother who passed away in 2013. I have been playing drums for 11 years. I perform with lots of enthusiasm and flip my hair around behind the drums while performing. It makes for a great show with lots of energy. We have played/ toured England twice, all over the easy coast, Utah, & LA at the iconic Whiskey A Go Go. We have also performed on Today in Nashville WSMV. One of my unreleased songs off of my new upcoming album has already been picked up and used for the NHL Winter Classic & NHL Junior Championship on nationwide tv. That same song was also picked up by the NHL Nashville Predators and they play it during each of their home games. One of our other new upcoming songs made its debut on Nashville radio on 102.9 The Buzz. I have also given a talk for S.W.I.M. (Smart Women In Music) meet to a couple young girls trying to make it in the music industry.

Timmy Braun

I have been performing and recording music for nearly two decades now! I am always involved in some sort of musical project but I enjoy teaching and performing the most. I am fluent in several musical styles specially rock. I have worked with many great producers and bands including Bob Marlette Trent Bell and Tom Gerrard. Currently I endorse and support Spaun Drum Company and Paiste Cymbals. Writting, recording and performing are all part of my plan. I even have experience on stringed instruments and vocals. When I am not on tour with the Texas Hippie Coalition I work with my wife (Carol Morgan) and even another band called Superpimp. Recently I directed and edited my first music vedio and plan to do more. One thing is for sure, if you give me a pair of sticks, I’ll beat on just about anything! In the near future I would like to get into streaming online lessons and more. Until then the goal is to stay on the road as much as possible and stay active in this industry.

Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes; Premier St. Louis, Missouri Drummer. Born, February 17, 1963 immediately began showing signs of being a percussion prodigy, learning stick handling at the age of one. At the age of three Lightning had already mastered snare drum rudiments, within one year the percussionist had moved onto a full size kit. At age five he was enrolled into a percussion training school. Within two classes though the budding prodigy was already well ahead in the art than any of his peers. Learning intricate rhythm patterns, stick handling techniques, and foot rudiments that can only be truly learned through constant practice, and continual guidance from a professional entertainer. In 1968, at the young age of five, Lightning started performing professionally on stage with some of the best musicians in St. Louis. During the next few years Lightning, would perform, and continue honing the skills he acquired all the way throughout his teenage years. Eventually forming a few groups that recorded and performed locally throughout the bi-state region across the Midwest at many prominent venues such as Club Imperial, Pops, and Stages leading up to performances at larger stadium festivals across the nation. Throughout my musical career I’ve had a chance to meet and perform with various great high profile artists/musicians. The best part of performing though is actually getting to meet the thousands of fans that support, and purchase the music. Huge Thanks to Gary King and everyone at DiamondBack Drumsticks,  I really appreciate all your support, your products and equipment are hands down the best quality on the market. Your technicians producing the materials that allow me to produce the driving back beat are second to none. 

Christian "Rock" Meyer

Hi – I am Christian “Rock” Meyer.  I am a drummer and proud Diamondback Drumstick endorser.

I always loved music and drums and come from a professional music background.  I first really pursued drums in the 7th grade and wanted to play in the school band.  For whatever reason, they wouldn’t accept me saying I started too late…….. yeah.  My attention was consumed with drums and I began to teach myself – listening, mimicking, watching, studying, and reading every kind of drum tutorial and really all music business subjects….. and beating my sticks on everything.

I started playing a real kit in my uncle’s studio a year later along with picking up singing, the guitar, bass, and writing and recording songs. A year after that, I joined my first band in 1984.  I spent most of my teenage years and my twenties working in several bands and projects – honing my drum skills, song writing, recording, promoting, graphic arts, and live performances.

Today – I am living my dream.  I play drums for 5 main bands, session drum live and recording at Avalon Rehearsals & Recording where I am a partner, audio & video engineer, and graphic artist.  I just released an EP with Project Rogue and a full album from my international project Scum Scunge.  My band Gibson Cemetery also recorded this year and has been releasing several singles online and possibly an EP soon as well.  I also play drums for the Michelle Johnson Band which has a second identity –  a Black Sabbath tribute band called Blonde Sabbath.

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american hickory

Diamondback Drumsticks are turned from select American hickory — a dense wood with little flex for a more pronounced sound. Hickory is also capable of withstanding a great deal of shock, making it highly durable. The tips are deeply back-cut for intensified cymbal response.







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