Born on May 21st 1989 in Rochester, NH. Tyler “Smiley” Jimenez was raised around music with his father and grandfather being drummers. Naturally, he began learning the kit from his father’s lap, until he received his first drum kit on his 4th birthday. Shortly after he was playing along to tapes of Garth Brooks and Brooks and Dunn. At age 6, him and his family relocated to the Wichita KS area. Growing up and through his teens drumming remained mostly a hobby. At 20yrs old he decided to pursue the possibility of a career in music. He became a regular at all the open jams around town and began networking with local musicians. It wasn’t long until he joined up with an established local act and thrown into his second gig opening up for honky tonk outlaw Jackson Taylor and the Sinners. He spent the next year learning what it takes performing a show with energy and finesse, rather than your typical 3-4 set gigs. With more openers for Jackson Taylor, Whitey Morgan, and singer/songwriter legend Billy Joe Shaver; his name began to spread more regionally. He earned himself a reputation of being one of the most solid, in the pocket drummers in the area, while always having a smile behind the kit. This opened up bigger opportunities of playing shows for national touring acts such as alternative indie band the Fifth Fire out of Los Angeles, and honky tonker from Kentucky Peewee Moore. This led to his first full time touring band, Smith Entertainment Artist, Aaron Woods Band from Stillwater, OK.


Playing 125+ shows a year, over multiple state lines, he learned how to be a professional on and off stage. Gaining experience in music videos, radio singles, radio tours, and playing with a click and tracks live. Seizing every opportunity and challenge thrown his way. No challenge is too big for this drummer. Tyler “Smiley” Jimenez proudly endorses Diamondback Drumsticks and GTX Drum Shields Plays Pearl Drums, Gibraltar Hardware, and Zildjian Cymbals