Wood Tip Drumsticks

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Made of solid hickory, these sticks are tough, durable, and deliver the greatest sound a stick can offer. We engrave each stick carefully with a special scale pattern to ensure maximum play-ability. Plus it will never slip out of your hand!

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5BXL, 7A, 5A, 5B, 2B, 3S

4 reviews for Wood Tip Drumsticks

  1. Clayton Arnold

    These are the best sticks I have ever used!

  2. Steve

    I love mine. Surest grip of any stick I have ever used. Nice response. Great balance.

    • letronics

      thanks for the kind note Steve.
      please send address and tshirt size.

  3. Michael Alberts

    I received a pair of these bad boys at a drumline clinic in June.
    I ended up using them for Quads because, 1. That was my assigned instrument. 2. The weight of the stick was perfect for fast passages on the Quads.
    I was also impressed with the “Diamondback” Grip and how well it worked with my natural grip.
    (These sticks are also one of the most durable pairs I have ever used.)

    I can’t wait to see how the 5A sticks are on the kit.

  4. Marty Rogers

    Excellent quality sticks for playing a variety of different musical styles. I have never used a more durable, solid feeling, better sounding stick. After 59 years of semi-pro drumming, this is my absolute favorite stick.
    I will be ordering more of these very soon. My first pair is still in use after 10 years of session work, in 30 different local bands.

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